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A generated application can be used as an npm module that provides a Feathers client. It gives you a fully typed client that can be installed in any TypeScript (e.g. React, VueJS, React Native etc.) application.

Local installation

The application can be linked into a client application by running

npm run bundle:client
npm link

Then go to your client side app

cd path/to/client
npm link my-app

Creating a package

To create an installable SDK package that does not include any of the server code (other than the shared types) you can run

npm run bundle:client

By default this will create an appname-x.x.x.tgz npm package in the public/ folder. This package can be installed from a running server via

npm install


Once installed, the application can be used as follows with

import io from ''
import socketio from '@feathersjs/socketio-client'
import { createClient } from 'my-app'

const connection = socketio(io(''))

const client = createClient(connection)

And like this with a REST client:

import rest from '@feathersjs/rest-client'
import { createClient } from 'my-app'

const connection = rest('').fetch(window.fetch.bind(window))

const client = createClient(connection)

Released under the MIT License.