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A framework for real-time applications and REST APIs

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Build incredible apps in record time.

Feathers is a lightweight web-framework for creating real-time applications and REST APIs using JavaScript or TypeScript.

Feathers can interact with any backend technology, supports over a dozen databases and works with any frontend technology like React, VueJS, Angular, React Native, Android or iOS.

Build prototypes in minutes and production-ready apps in days.

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Create your first real-time app in minutes

$ npm install -g @feathersjs/cli

$ mkdir my-app

$ cd my-app

$ feathers generate app

$ npm start

Check out the docs to learn more about Feathers, feel free say hello in the Discord server, or show us some love on Twitter.

See what makes Feathers special

Built for JavaScript and TypeScript

Using the latest language features, Feathers is a small library that provides the structure to create complex applications but is flexible enough to not be in the way.

Flexible Plugins

Feathers is a “batteries included but easily swappable framework” with a large ecosystem of plugins. Include exactly what you need. No more, no less.

Datastore Agnostic

Feathers has adapters for 12+ databases out of the box. You can have multiple databases in a single app and swap them out painlessly due to a consistent query interface.


Feathers can be used the same way on the server with Node.js and in the browser with frameworks like React, Angular, VueJS or on mobile with React Native.

Service Oriented

Feathers gives you the structure to build service oriented apps from day one. When you eventually need to split your app into microservices it’s an easy transition.

Instant Real-time REST APIs

Feathers provides instant CRUD functionality via Services, exposing both a RESTful API and real-time backend through websockets automatically.

Create your first Feathers app today!

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