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A REST and real-time API layer for Node.js, React Native and the browser.

Devices iMac, iphone, tablet

Build incredible apps in record time.

With Feathers you can build prototypes in minutes and production ready real-time backends and REST APIs in days. Seriously.

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Create your first real-time app in minutes.

$ npm install -g @feathersjs/cli

$ mkdir my-app

$ cd my-app

$ feathers generate app

$ npm start

Check out the docs to learn more about Feathers, feel free say hello in the Slack group, or show us some love on Twitter.

Stay nimble with elegant, flexible code.

We're not just hiding behind generators. See just how easy it is to create a REST and real-time API from scratch.

# Install modular dependencies

$ npm install @feathersjs/feathers @feathersjs/socketio @feathersjs/express feathers-memory

See what makes Feathers so special

Modern, solid, and 100% JavaScript

Built using promises and ES6 features, Feathers is a tiny, fully compatible wrapper over Express and Socket.io, both of which have been used in production by thousands of companies.


Feathers can be used in the browser, React Native and server side with Node.js. Using the Feathers client you can quickly add authentication, share code between your server and client, and easily make your apps real-time.

Framework Friendly

Feathers easily integrates with any client side framework. Whether it be Angular, React, or VueJS it doesn't matter! It also plays well with React Native.

Service Oriented

Feathers gives you the structure to build service oriented apps from day one. When you eventually need to split up your app into microservices it’s an easy transition and your Feathers apps can scale painlessly.

Instant Real-time REST APIs

Feathers provides instant CRUD functionality via Services, exposing both a RESTful API and real-time backend automatically through Socket.io or Primus.

Datastore Agnostic

Feathers has adapters for 15+ data sources out of the box, including MongoDB, Postgres, RethinkDB and S3. You can have multiple datastores in a single app and swap them out painlessly due to our consistent query interface.

Flexible Plugins

Feathers is a “batteries included but easily swappable framework”. We have entirely optional plugins that allow you to implement 300+ Passport authentication providers, flexible authorization permissions and things like SMS or email messaging out of the box. Include exactly what you need. No more, no less.

Create your first Feathers app today!